Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | June 29, 2017

Lantmännen digitalizes field service organization using solution from PocketMobile

Lantmännen has selected the PreCom mobile solution from PocketMobile to digitalize its service flows and streamline its service processes. The new tool enables their field service engineers to work in a new and modern way.
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | May 15, 2017

Six Reasons to Adopt Electronic Proof of Delivery (besides the obvious)

An electronic proof of delivery solution coupled with today’s smartphones and tablets provides new and improved ways of interacting with your customers.
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | April 28, 2017

Lessons learned from migrating Windows Mobile to modern operating systems

Many organizations are waiting to replace their Windows Mobile systems. Why? Migration of business-critical applications is not easy – but with the right approach, it is a great opportunity… as our experience from many Windows Mobile migration projects shows.
Av Mikael Wällstedt | Article | April 17, 2017

Crowdsourced delivery – a threat or opportunity to traditional logistics?

Deliveries for a tenth of the cost of traditional delivery methods. How can traditional logistics companies compete with that? How could they possibly be an attractive alternative to someone who delivers a parcel for less than what their fuel cost?
Av Mikael Wällstedt | Article | February 10, 2017

Five ways to leverage Last Mile Delivery to optimize online shopping experience

How can delivery companies create customer experiences for products purchased online that are like, or even better than, purchases in shops over the counter? How do we know what the customer wants?