Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | November 28, 2018

Posti responds to consumers’ expectations: online shopping delivery of 1-2 hours

Posti, an innovative postal company that demonstrate e-commerce delivery capabilities with delivery times of 1-2 hours from purchase to doorstep. Very exciting development!
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | November 8, 2018

Toll’s TED Solution for consolidation and growth

We came across an article by Toll Group, in their online magazine Toll Today. An article about TED, Toll Electronic Delivery, a very interesting example of the logistics future. Recommended reading!
Av Mikael Wällstedt | Article | May 14, 2018

The road to successful Postal Transformation

Even though most postal organizations are, from a structural and organizational point of view, well equipped to deliver advanced home services, new methods are needed to also do it efficiently. The requirements of these new value-added services are significantly more advanced than plain letter delivery...
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | April 26, 2018

How the Last Mile Delivery impacts customer experience

The consumers’ expectations about delivery performance underwent drastic changes during the last years. This includes free and fast delivery, flexible delivery choices, updated track and trace options, excellent packaging and more. What e-commerce merchants can do to further improve customer experience is to...
Av Mikael Wällstedt | Article | October 23, 2017

Is Blockchain technology the answer for achieving great e-commerce shipments?

Can blockchain help create the ultimate delivery? This would include a punctual and homogenous customer experience, combined with lower cost. How can disruptive technology be used in logistics to give consumers what they want?