Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | December 20, 2018

Ways To Recruit And Retain Drivers In The Logistics Industry

According to logistics industry experts, there will be a substantial increase in the salary of drivers in the near future pertinent to the efforts being made for the recruitment and retention of drivers. The recent scarcity of drivers has forced a number of logistical businesses to review employee benefits offered to drivers in order to keep up with the competition induced by the private fleets who are usually offering great rewards while allowing drivers to enjoy more family time.

Major factors behind the recent shortage of drivers may include higher unemployment benefits, stringent demands for qualifications, strict regulations, technological reforms, and competition from private fleets. While it has always been vital to offer competitive employee benefits; it has now become highly imperative considering the ongoing environment of the logistics industry.

Top Practices for the Highly Competitive Driver Hiring Task

The scarcity of drivers has transformed a previously challenging job of hiring drivers into a more competitive task. Recruitment practices have drastically transformed in comparison to those being followed a few years ago. The expectations of drivers have also evolved; now they require a proper work-life balance. Becoming a successful logistics business essentially requires a well-defined model for recruiting drivers. This may include identification of objectives, having the appropriate systems and a workforce that is result oriented. The recruitment team should also have a suitable leader who can effectively communicate with generation X and Y. Also, he/she should be tech-savvy and should be capable enough to achieve the desired outcome. The driver hiring process of a logistics business can be the reason for its success or its failure. It has become imperative to invest in the right people and resources when recruiting drivers, in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Recruiting the Right Driver Assures Retention Along with Safety and Productivity

At this point it needs to be remembered that a driver is the only person in the logistics business who brings in the revenue; however, most of the time these individuals are underpaid and not compensated as per their efforts. They are forced to spend more time away from their families and are mostly treated poorly. It has been suggested that recruiters should be evaluated on the basis of quality rather than quantity. In addition to that, concerns associated with the retention of drivers are not simply on the rise because of low salaries, but also due to problems pertinent to association and procedures. Logistics businesses can improve the rate of drivers’ retention by providing drivers with what is promised, ensuring that recruiters are well aware of what they are offering, valuing each procedure, conducting perception surveys including both drivers and non-drivers, and finally by implementing training programs.

Legal Hiring Issues Pertinent to Logistics Industry

Implementing new policies, reviewing job descriptions, performing self-audits and in case of revelation of issues, paying and receiving acknowledgment can help in addressing legal hiring issues pertinent to the logistics industry. Proper documentation like having a written contract between the independent contractor and the logistics business can further assist in managing the risk of legal issues.