Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | November 30, 2018

How to Master Customer Experience in Last Mile Delivery?

Groundbreaking concepts and advances in retail technology along with last mile delivery has grabbed the attention of the largest online retailers. Logistics and last mile delivery both have become areas of superior concern as well as opportunity.

The phenomenon of last mile delivery is all related to the success of completing a transaction with a consumer at the point of contact. This is why the guiding principle to devise the strategy for last mile delivery needs to be mainly focused towards consumers. Here are a few tips to master customer experience in last mile delivery.

Investment in Improving Last Mile Delivery

Logistics must not be considered as simply another expenditure because it is actually a service function. Logistics combined with transportation is the force that drives the continuous accessibility of products resulting in improved consumer experience. Approximately 25% of businesses have chosen efficient delivery as one of their major concerns associated with last mile delivery. In today’s competitive digital world, consumers demand immediate fulfillment and when their orders are not delivered to them at a suitable time and place, they do not seem to care about any other backend efforts of your supply chain. Considering this, investment in improving last mile delivery is directly proportional to the retention rate of customers.

Keep Your Customers Updated

A major share of customers is formed by the younger population and considering the involvement of digital channels for obtaining and sharing information, this larger group of customers has become used to getting instant updates. Similarly, when it comes to brand interaction, customers of today’s digital realm demands the capability of viewing the complete process of delivery that also includes updates about the inventory status. This makes it extremely crucial for businesses to get a superior hold on their complete supply chain. You can only satisfy the information cravings of your consumers by knowing the exact and current status of your products.

Future Is All About Personalized Deliveries

The actual deal breaker for last mile delivery is providing your consumers with the choice of selecting from a wide range of options for delivery. Along with the ease of scheduling deliveries, remove limitations such as restricting deliveries only to regular working hours. Instead, offer the option of having deliveries made at any time of the day and at any place of customer’s choice, and not just at their home address. Management solutions for last mile delivery empower businesses to offer multiple choices for delivery to suit the different lifestyles of different types of consumers. This has resulted in the inception of unconventional delivery options, which may include collective customer storage that is mainly available within residential communities. These are electronic lockers where logistics workers can deliver packages and later consumers can access them through a passcode.

Success at last mile delivery is the ultimate way for consumers to see the efforts of supply chain professionals.