Av Mikael Wällstedt | Article | December 12, 2016

If Santa Claus himself could choose… it would be Trimble smartdelivery

For a Merry Christmas, Santa Claus needs help to deliver all those presents. Delivery chaos is threatening the happy holidays. Luckily there are great tools to secure end-to-end delivery tracking. It even turns out that with this new way of working, our Father Christmas can use his resources to innovate and make more people happy.

Being Santa Claus can be both stressful and challenging today. Our old friend in a red suit and a white beard turns up once a year and he comes specially for the children. In fact, he loves children and wants to do everything he can to make them happy by delivering their Christmas presents on time. One can say that his main task is, with his sleigh and reindeer as transportation, to efficiently deliver all packages and presents.

What a job! All these deliveries on a single day! An illustrative example of this is Swedish e-commerce, with an average 16% annual increase over the last five years (E-barometern Q3 2016, PostNord). Additionally, it is not only delivering dolls and toys anymore. Imagine that some of his assignments look like this: Mrs. Smith has ordered a fresh lobster from the Seafood grocery store, Mr. Nilsson is hopefully waiting to give his children the live turtle he ordered on eBay, and the Wallenberg family posted on internet that they are only home between 5-6 pm. Moreover, we have Danish consumers, who require their packages delivered in less than 3.74 days (E-handeln in Norden, PostNord). What a challenge for our dear friend! It’s not surprising that Father Christmas becomes stressed. Time to resign and change jobs? OR could he work smarter? Could he get help from a modern mobile workflow tool and digitalize the delivery process? What about PreCom?


The digital way to secure a happy Christmas

So, let’s imagine what Santa’s delivery machine would look like. With a modern mobile workflow tool, he would first get automated guided work tasks. This means that the system would help him to decide which deliveries to prioritize first and automatically give him instructions on the next step. That way Mrs. Smith could be sure that her lobsters will still be fresh. She would even be able to get a text message about the delivery so she could have the water boiling when they arrive. Furthermore, the system would be able to optimize Santa’s route so he wouldn’t miss the Wallenberg’s tight time interval. The tool would help to track and trace every package down to the last detail. It would organize and optimize his delivery work and everyone would be happy.

One effect of Santa’s increased efficiency would of course be that he would have more time. So, what to do with this newly freed-up resource? One suggestion might be for him to innovate and offer new valuable services. Maybe he could print out Christmas cards on his portable Bluetooth printer and deliver them together with the packages. Or show a personal video greeting from the sender when the receiver signs on his tablet. In any case, both more efficient and better results can be achieved with some modern workflow tools.

Finally, I have a secret to tell you. Santa Claus really exists! Well, he doesn’t look like we think he does, with a white big beard. Instead he might be a young guy or gal with a cap driving around in a van for a local delivery service.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you get your presents delivered safely under your tree.

Mikael Wällstedt
Business Development Manager