Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | October 17, 2016

New Zealand Post chooses Trimble smartdelivery for its mobile field force


New Zealand Post is investing in the digital space, offering customers unparalleled visibility, choice and control over their delivery options. Behind these customer benefits lies a requirement for real time digital footprint of all tracked items traversing the NZ Post Network, whether handled by a field agent, PostShop or Box Lobby. Real time visibility is also paramount to creating the most efficient fleet combining multiple delivery vehicles.

To enable nationwide scanning and tracking and introduce real time delivery tracking New Zealand Post has selected Trimble smartdelivery mobility platform, and commenced nationwide rollout. New Zealand Post sees this as an important undertaking to adapt to the rapidly changing industry and to secure and improve its position as New Zealand’s leading postal and logistics company.

The constantly changing postal sector requires the rapid development of new services to fit customer demands. New Zealand Post is therefore replacing its old mobile scanners with Android devices running Trimble smartdelivery. Over 4000 devices are expected to be used by field agents − including integrated delivery agents driving eco vehicles, traditional Posties, couriers, RuralPost drivers, PostShops, agencies, depots and a wide network of Parcel Collect and Deliver partners. Trimble smartdelivery introduces two key capabilities previously unavailable.

First is the capability of deploying low cost Android devices to sites handling small amounts of freight. Prior to the Trimble smartdelivery rollout, these sites, known as “blindspots”, were using manual data entry to provide the customer with tracking information. Since July 2016, over 400 blindspots have been closed, offering New Zealand Post customers real time visibility and delivery choices such as online redelivery and redirection. This has reduced the number of items requiring manual “Peel and Stick” entry by one third or over 10,000 items per week, improving customer satisfaction and reducing associated internal cost. The rollout is expected to close over 900 blindspots by mid-November, when customer demands rise around Christmas time.

With the mobile solution based on Trimble smartdelivery, field agents can now run the same field management software on forms of Android-based mobile devices including BYOD and low cost mobile phones. Ability to deploy lower cost handhelds allows capture of digital footprint for low volume operators including posties, rural drivers, Box Lobbies and Parcel Collect and Dropoff locations.  New Zealand Post has standardized on Zebra TC55 device for high volume and outdoor agents, Samsung Galaxy J1 as the low cost option for operators handing less than 50 items a day, Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet for box lobby as company supplied device. BYOD option is also taken up by around 40% of contract agents.

Second key capability of Trimble smartdelivery to NZ Post is new field management services, such as Health and Safety management, Hazard Reporting and the ability to capture addressing information while out in the field. New Zealand Post is also excited about leveraging industry practices developed by other Trimble smartdelivery postal industry customers including Royal Mail and Norway Post.

A five-year agreement has been concluded with PocketMobile, which is also cooperating with local partners on system support.

“With Trimble smartdelivery, we now have the prerequisites for quickly developing our system and adding new services,” says Peter Fletcher, Group Technology Manager at New Zealand Post. “The solution has allowed us to provide greater visibility to our customers and support new digital options for parcel control and delivery choices. In addition, the Android operating system will allow us to cost-effectively provide scanning services in over 1000 locations that were previously blindspots. We are very excited about having Trimble smartdelivery as a partner.”

Looking into the future, the product has rich modular functionality for scanning, positioning, navigation, maps, messaging, POD, image capture, dynamic forms, business rules, process templates, and much more − enabling the development of future services.

“We are proud of our offering, which lets us work with several major international companies within the post and logistics sector,” says Anders Tormod, CEO of Trimble smartdelivery. “We are particularly pleased to be providing services to New Zealand Post, which is a visionary market leader.”