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Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | April 26, 2019

Help! They are Coming Back! The Massive Volumes of Returns After the Holidays

An overwhelming amount of holiday purchase returns are becoming a serious problem for the retail industry. Holiday returns can severely impair your profits, if not understood and dealt with. This article delves into the details of the holiday returns problem and what you should focus on to fix it.
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | April 10, 2019

How Important Are the Post-Purchase Logistic Activities & Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Wondering if you should worry about post-purchase activities? According to a study, businesses lose $1.6 trillion a year to customers who leave them. Learn how post-purchase activities affect customer satisfaction.
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | April 2, 2019

What Can the Driver Do to Improve Returns & Reverse Logistics

Drivers play an important role in the reverse logistics process. They can reduce or increase your revenue. Want to know how to optimize a driver’s role?
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | March 22, 2019

New customer demands for advanced returns

In the digital era, technology solutions may be the only way ahead to strengthen the supply chain and reverse logistics, track consumer behavior while making intelligent business decisions.
Av Trimble smartdelivery | Article | March 5, 2019

2020 – The Impact of E-Commerce Trends on Logistics

The eCommerce landscape is fast-changing, creating new challenges and opportunities for retailers every single day. To optimize logistics, you must understand the trends that are influencing them.